The Undergraduate Students: the 4th and 5th year classes:

UWI SCMR undertakes to teach medical students in the final two years of their undergraduate medical degree. Our students are predominantly Bahamian nationals, undertaking the advantage of the cost savings by staying at home rather than renting or staying in a hall of residence.

Student Engagement and Experience

A. The Community Health Experience
This is a six weeks period in which the undergraduate students are immersed into the real world, people living and working in their everyday environment. The overall objective of their community health experience is
  1. for the medical students to appreciate and acknowledge that hospital is an unnatural and expensive environment and
  2. the great need to keep people from being admitted into hospital, thus emphasizing a medical practice that will keep people healthy and well.

Student education and experience is focused on:

  1. Public Health- the study of a population of people as a single person and is concerned with the biological, environmental social and behavioural factors that affect their health;
  2. Health Prevention;
  3. Health Promotion and
  4. Health Education. During this period, the students visit the Public Health Community Clinics throughout Nassau and the Family Islands and all the essential services of The Department of Environmental Health. They are also introduced to the rigors of Diseases Control and Surveillance and are challenged to undertake a research Project in the community as well. With the realization that the national burden of the non-communicable diseases and the resurgence of the communicable ones, the need for the students and the future doctors of our nation to be well grounded in the principles, skills and competencies of Public Health has never been greater.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mortimer Moxey, our tutor and coordinator of the Community Health program, our students' engagement in community Health is proving to be quite a rewarding experience indeed!

B. The Student Advisor Program
All students are assigned a student advisor. Only fulltime lecturers are assigned the responsibility of being student advisors. The advisors meet with their students at least quarterly.

C. 4th Year Student Orientation Program
Orientation program continues: the 4th year students have a week of orientation – getting to know the Medical services Chief of Staff, Hospital Administrator, Heads of Departments and University lecturers. They familiarize themselves and tour the hospital compound and the relevant hospital services.

D. 4th Year Students, Parents and Students Advisors Evening
A new addition to the 4th year orientation program, the parents and guardians are invited to an evening with the students and their advisors. The parents and guardians are informed of the students work schedules, demands, and commitments. They are requested to encourage and facilitate positive student's habits. The students make their pledge to commit to ethical medical practice.

International Elective Students
UWI School of Clinical Medicine & Research, the Bahamas campus welcomes medical students in the final year or the year their school requires to apply for placement in our elective clinical program. Medical elective clerkships are conducted at the Princess Margaret Hospital, the designated teaching hospital, owned and operated by the Bahamas Government.

PMH is a 450 inpatient bed facility with a wealth of clinical cases for your learning experience. Medical Elective Clerkships are available in the following disciplines:
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Paediatrics
  • Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Oncology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Anaesthesia
  • Dermatology
  • Radiology
Local Elective Students
Clinical Electives for students enrolled at UWISCMR, The Bahamas are done in the 4th year of their studies local and international facilities approved by UWI SCMR.